“From Here to Infinity” at Traver Gallery

Posted on October 18, 2016
Gallery View, October 2016

Gallery View, October 2016

I am pleased to share my newest work at Traver Gallery in Seattle through October 29, 2016.

“From Here to Infinity” refers to both my journey as an artist and to the infinite complexity and variation I find in glass.  My latest works evoke the micro-world of cells and microscopic life and the macro-view of vast space and time as described in physics.  I am also pushing into new territory with a large black-and-white wall piece, “Quilt”, that sums up my explorations in pattern to date.

A catalogue with essay by Diane Wright, Barry Curator of Glass at the Chrysler Museum, is available on request.  Contact sarah@travergallery.com for a copy. I hope you can see the show in person!

Many thanks to Joe Benvenuto, Benjamin Cobb, Alix Cannon, Karston Oaks, Dave Walters, The Museum of Glass,  STAR Glassworks, and all the students,  artists, and collectors whose support assisted me in the creation of this show.

"Droplets", "Quilt", and "Orbs"

“Droplets”, “Quilt”, and “Orbs”

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